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It’s a Profession!

Admin isn’t a profession? When people say this – it enrages me inside! Why would you want to work for yourself – doing something as simple as Admin?  How can you possibly be a self-employed Assistant?  Are you for real?! Can you honestly say that you have never had to deal with someone who hasContinue reading “It’s a Profession!”

Write down your thoughts!

What the…is a brain dump?  It’s a way of offloading all of the thoughts in your mind onto paper! Perhaps your mind feels cluttered, and you can’t seem to find a way to the top?  Imagine trying to switch off when your mind is running around a theme park in all directions. Sit down withContinue reading “Write down your thoughts!”


As a successful multiple business owner, property owner/developer and or an entrepreneur – how do your days usually look? 🎇Hectic/out of control? 🎇Drive from one business to another? 🎇Unorganised diary/tons of phone calls to make? 🎇Impossible to keep up with email traffic? 🎇Team require instructions? 🎇Spreadsheets to compile/manage, projects/documents to plan/keep track of budgets? 🎇InvoicesContinue reading “Reality…”

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