The Best Landlord

Do you strive to be the best landlord out there, the one whom everyone recommends, the one who never needs to advertise properties to let?

Being a landlord isn’t all about taking the money and running off at the speed of light never to been seen again!

A happy tenant, really does mean a happy landlord.

Do you pride yourself on:

• Building a prestige well known rental empire
• Cutting no corners
• Ensuring properties are fit for habitation


• Cut corners/hide property issues
• Empty property means no rental income, bare minimal super-fast turn around required
• Add repair works to a list that never gets done

Are you aware of the criteria for the Fitness for Human Habitation Act 2018?

• Building has been neglected/in a bad condition
• Building is unstable
• Serious damp problems
• Unsafe layout
• Not enough natural light/ventilation
• Supply of hot and cold water issues
• Drainage or toilet issues
• Difficulties preparing/cooking food or washing up

Other hazards listed in the “Housing Health and Safety Regulations”. Don’t forget to ensure your services are up to date. Such as, gas and boiler testing should be done annually and electrical testing must now be carried out every five years and it is within your tenants right to ask for a copy. Failure to comply could result in a fine…(and you wanted to save money…)

Not only that, but you are also much more likely to rent out properties if they are presented in a manner that keeps potential tenants coming to you. No one wants to end up with a bad reputation…you do want people to live in your properties don’t you?

As a landlord, are you:

• Approachable and friendly
• Easy to contact
• Honest and polite
• Personal and flexible where possible

Important factors for tenants?

• Landlord deals with issues quickly
• Communication, keep the tenant up to speed with timescales of repairs
• Upkeep of the property – would you live there?
• Abide by plenty of notice for entering the property
• Regular communication with landlord/agent

Top tips:

• Meet tenants on time at the viewing or any meetings
• Check property before new tenants move in as a final check
• If you have a superb tenant, they never get in touch with any issues – just check in on them every 3 months to check all is ok
• Treat tenants as you would like to be treated
• Ensure you have all of the correct cover for property and appliances

How does that sound?

As it happens, my niche is property services/development and management. Within my previous employed position I assisted with the coordination of instructions and schedules for services, repairs and refurbs. Along with maintaining records for over 200 residential and commercial lets.

Which team are you?
“Be the Best”
“Take the Money”

Need a hand with your properties? Get in touch, let’s have a chat.

Published by pwassistant

Hello, I am Tracey, Founder of Pocket Watch Assistant. Over the last 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing businesses, gaining vast experience and skills taught to me by fabulous people. This has enabled me to use that knowledge within my own business and those businesses that I am proud to be able to assist. Am I potentially your secret weapon and kickass assistant? I specialise in Property Management and Development. From looking after your property services, maintenance, coordination of works schedules and tracking development budgets to keeping you on target!

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