Email Management

I have come from a background managing a manic inbox – email traffic comprising of multiple companies, departments, over 200 residential and commercial tenants to contractors and external sources.

There would be days where blinking or leaving the inbox would not be an option. Can you imagine leaving the inbox to go to the loo and returning to a minefield…This was a regular occurrence for me and to combat this issue, I had to ensure my inbox was working as efficiently as it could.

Here are my top tips for delving into organising your inbox:

📩 Create folders
📩 Create subfolders if required
📩 Use the quick search box to locate emails quickly
📩 Unsubscribe to junk
📩 Use categories for anything you are still to deal with within your inbox
📩 Move items from the inbox to a folder as soon as it’s been dealt with

This is a method I use in Outlook, but the same principle can be used in other mail sources.

Every single person will have different inbox requirements as the clients I work with now do. Using my previous property inbox as an example, I set my folders up as below, with numerous subfolders within:

🗂Company Departments
🗂Property Services Works Department
🗂Property Service Certificates

I am happy to chat to anyone who is feeling lost within an ever growing inbox, just get in touch via my DM’s.

All is not lost – honestly!

Published by pwassistant

Hello, I am Tracey, Founder of Pocket Watch Assistant. Over the last 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing businesses, gaining vast experience and skills taught to me by fabulous people. This has enabled me to use that knowledge within my own business and those businesses that I am proud to be able to assist. Am I potentially your secret weapon and kickass assistant? I specialise in Property Management and Development. From looking after your property services, maintenance, coordination of works schedules and tracking development budgets to keeping you on target!

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